The Troop 223 Honor Roll

The Troop 223 Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout And Their Projects

Mikey Ramirez - 2017

Simon Dale - 2016

Jacob Johnson - 2016

Ethan Dale - December 28, 2015

Sean Davenport - December 21, 2015

Brian Stauffer - November 12, 2015

Gordon Weiss - January 5, 2015

Dylan Aoki - December 27, 2013

Samuel Ligon - November 18, 2013

Zachary Johnson - November 18, 2013

Matthew Onion - August 12, 2013

Braden Susnik - June 24, 2013

Nathan Flauto - April 25, 2013

Robert Garrett - February 6, 2013

Christopher Reed - December 17, 2012

Jared Doe - December 6, 2012

Craig Davenport - December 6, 2012

Kevin Powell - September 5, 2012

Steven Zemanek - April 18, 2012

Matthew Fausel - December 27, 2011

Alexander Horvath - August 30, 2011

Justin Kostyo - August 9, 2011

Andrew Tillstrom - July 7, 2011

Andrew Tillstrom became an Eagle Scout July 7, 2011. His Eagle Scout Project was identifying locations and material for the nature trail signs. Andrew also installed information markers. Furthermore, he got his inspiration and idea from the Twinsburg Park officials and Stanley Stine. Six Scouts and three adults helped with the project. The planning took ten hours. The project took a hundred and forty hours to complete. The funding came from donations. Andrew added value to the park and showed that local efforts can benefit everyone. 

Phillip Rawson - June 27, 2011

Phillip Rawson became an Eagle Scout June 27, 2011. His project was to support the Jared Box Project by collecting fun items to give to children with cancer during their stay at the Akron Children’s hospital. Phil got his inspiration to do his project from an article in a magazine. Thirteen Scouts helped with this project. Four adults helped with this project. The project took sixteen hours to plan and organize. Ninety-five hours was how long the project took. Phil generated funding by getting donations from Scout’ families along with asking donations from customers at Gander Mountain. “I felt that this project gave joy to eighty‐two children that received a Jared Bok while under‐going cancer treatments,” Phil said.

 Justin Doe - December 6, 2010

Eric Bennett - December 8, 2010

Eric Bennett became an Eagle Scout December 8, 2010. His project for attaining an Eagle Scout was to remove a rotting bridge and build a new bridge on the Green HeronTrail in Center Valley Park in Twinsburg, Ohio. His idea and inspiration was from working with Stanley Stine, a Twinsburg Naturalist, in the Twinsburg Parks system. Nineteen Scouts helped with the project. Eleven adults helped with his project. The project took nine hours over fifteen days. Eric got the funds to do the project by doing a car wash and raising $400.00. Eric feels accomplished and feels that there is now a solid bridge over a small stream. “It helps the people that walk on the path and it also helps the environment to keep foot traffic out of the stream,” Eric says.

Charles Geither - June 29, 2010

James Martin - December 7, 2009

Matthew Schmidt - October 18, 2009

August Horvath - December 18, 2009

Chet Bissell

Chester Bissell became an Eagle Scout in 2009. Chet built five bridges totaling seventy feet of walkway along a foot trail in Center Valley Park. He got his inspiration from some ideas from Stanley Stine. He also received help from Nina Landels from the Aurora Boy Scout Troop. Twenty-four people helped with his project. Four adults also helped with this project. The project took over a year to plan and took two weeks and a hundred and twenty man-hours to complete.  Chet feels he helped the community by making the park better and travel friendly.  He also hopes that he began a legacy of Scout’s assisting Twinsburg’s Parks and Recreations Department through Eagle Scout Projects. 




Brad Harvey

Brad Harvey became an Eagle Scout on October 18, 2009. His Eagle Scout Project was constructing and marking a .55 mile long hiking trail off of the Twinsburg bike trail. Brad got his idea and inspiration from loving the outdoors and hiking. His favorite thing through Scouting was going to Philmont in 2009, which inspired him to build the Twinsburg trail. Ten Scouts helped with his project. And ten adults helped with his project. The project took twenty‐two hours to plan and organize. To complete the project, it took a hundred and thirty three hours. Brad asked for donations through the troop, family and friends. Brad said, “When it was time to choose my Eagle Scout Project I knew I wanted to give something lasting to the community. In the end, the community got to enjoy a new trail and view an old water structure from an old Twinsburg community. What I learned from my  project is how to be an effective leader with a group of people when multiple tasks needed to be completed.”


Patrick Adkins - December 18, 2009

Edward Tiemann - July 2, 2009

Jordan Pendleton - June 25, 2009

Alexander Porok - January 1, 2009

Michael Geither - December 2, 2008

Michael J. Geither

Michael J. Geither became an Eagle Scout July 2006. Michael’s Eagle Scout Project was making children identification kits at the Twinsburg Homedays. He got his idea from brainstorming and using the Internet. Sixteen Scouts and six adults helped with his project. It took thirty-two hours to plan his project. The project took a hundred and twenty-four hours to complete. He made his project with only money from donations. From Michael’s project, parents who took the opportunity to of had a kit made will have a dated record of important identifying physical characteristics of their children gathered in one place. This information will be helpful in the event the child goes missing.



Kyle Fadeley - September 16, 2008

Steven Spisak - April 30, 2008

Michael Czajka - November 1, 2006

Benjamin Harvey - June 20, 2006

John O'Brien - December 22, 2004

Blake Williams - August 18, 2004

Martin Williams - January 1, 2002

Brent Susnik - January 1, 2002

Jonathan Williams - January 1, 1999

Bradley Miller - January 1, 1998

John Pfeifer - January 1, 1997

Jeffrey Kuchera - January 1, 1997

Jason Allard - January 1, 1997

Joseph McIntyre - January 1, 1994

Stephen Conway - January 1, 1994
Darwin Williams - January 1, 1991
Sean Dory - January 1, 1991
Michael Allard - January 1, 1991
Bryan Girod - January 1, 1990
William King - January 1, 1988
James Behling - January 1, 1987

Jeffrey R. Geither

Jeff Geither Became an Eagle Scout January, 1978. His project was striping of Church parking lot and repainting traffic signs. Jeff got his idea from his Scoutmaster and the Church Committee. Twenty- five Scouts helped him and five adults helped him. All the materials were donated for Jeff’s Eagle Scout Project. Traffic safety improved for the large congregation and school grounds by Jeff’s project.  

 William Spence - January 1, 1964
Kenneth Spence - January 1, 1964
William Cook - January 1, 1964
Frederick Witt - January 1, 1956