Librarian    êê






Type:             Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader

Term:             6 Months

Reports to:     Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Description:   The Troop Librarian takes care of troop literature.

Comments:    The library contains books of historical value as well as current materials. All together, the library

                      is a troop resource worth hundreds of dollars. The Librarian manages this resource for the troop.



Age:               none

Rank:             Tenderfoot up to and Including Second Class Scouts ONLY

Experience:     none

Attendance:     50% over the previous 6 months



Training:          You must attend the Troop Leadership Training even if you have attended in the past.

Attendance:     You are expected to attend 60% of all troop meetings, outings, and service projects. If your 

                        attendance is low, or if you have three (3) unexcused absences in a row, you can be removed 

                        from office.

Effort:              You are expected to give this job your best effort.



Uniform:         Set the example by wearing your uniform correctly. This means that you will wear all of the 

                      parts of the troop uniform, shirttail tucked in, with all required badges in their correct locations.

Behavior:       Set the example by living the Scout Oath and Law in your everyday life. Show Scout Spirit in 

                      everything you say and do.

Attendance: Set the example by being an active Scout. Be on-time for meetings and activities. You must 

                   call the Senior Patrol Leader or Scoutmaster if you are not going to be at a meeting or if you 
                   suddenly have to miss an outing. You also need to make sure that someone will assume your




Ø      Sets up and takes care of a troop library.

Ø      Keeps records of books and pamphlets owned by the troop.

Ø      Adds new or replacement items as needed.

Ø      Keeps books and pamphlets available for borrowing.

Ø      Keeps a system for checking books and pamphlets in and out.

Ø      Follows up on late returns.

Ø      Issues vouchers for purchase of used merit badge books.



What this means for Troop 223

Set up and take care of the Troop library.

·         Keep records of books and pamphlets owned by the Troop.

·         Add new or replacement items as needed.

·         Keep books and pamphlets available for borrowing.

·         Keep a system of checking books and pamphlets in and out.

·         Follow up on late returns.

·         Make the library available to Scouts at all Troop meetings.

·         Check books in and out and keep records of who has checked out a book.

·         Make sure the library includes all merit badge pamphlets for the Eagle required merit badges.

·         With the ASPL, make a list of books and pamphlets that need to be added to the library and give it o the scoutmaster.

Keep others informed:

·         Keep a list of books and pamphlets available for review by the Scouts.

·         Work with Troop Webmaster to put inventory on Troop website. 

·         Work with Troop Historian to maintain scrapbooks in the library.


                           Scout Leadership Position Application (PDF)