Quartermaster    êêêêê



Type:                   Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader

Term:                  6 Months

Reports to:         Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Description:       The Troop Quartermaster keeps track of troop equipment and

                          sees that it is in good working  order.

Comments:        The Quartermaster does most of his work around campouts.

                          There are times when the Quartermaster has to be available to

                          check equipment in and out.



Age:                    none

Rank:                  1st Class or higher

Experience:        none

Attendance:       50% over the previous six months



Training:              You must attend the Troop Leadership Training even if you have

                            attended in the past.

Attendance:       You are expected to attend 60% of all troop meetings, Patrol Leaders’

                          Council meetings, and service projects You are expected to attend 90%

                          of the outings. If your attendance is low, or if you have three (3) unexcused  

                          absences in a row, you can be removed from office.

Effort:                You are expected to give this job your best effort.



Uniform:              Set the example by wearing your uniform correctly. This means that you

                            will wear all of the parts of the troop uniform, shirttail tucked in, with all

                            required badges in their correct locations.

Behavior:            Set the example by living the Scout Oath and Law in your everyday life.

                           Show Scout Spirit in everything you say and do.

Attendance:       Set the example by being an active Scout. Be on-time for meetings and

                           activities. You must call the Senior Patrol Leader or Scoutmaster if you

                           are not going to be at a meeting or if you suddenly have to miss an

                           outing. You also need to make sure that someone will assume your                




Ø      Keeps records on patrol and troop equipment.

Ø      Makes sure equipment is in good working condition.

Ø      Issues equipment and makes sure it is returned in good condition.

Ø      Maintains the Troop shed and trailer in neat order.  Label all storage boxes with contents.

Ø      Makes suggestions for new or replacement items.

Ø      Works with the Troop Committee member responsible for equipment.

Ø      Gets the United States of America, troop, and patrol flags for meetings and ceremonies and puts them away afterwards.




What this means for Troop 223

Keep records of patrol and Troop equipment.

·         Keep an inventory of Troop equipment.

·         Keep a record of equipment checked out.

·         Use a checklist to make sure that all necessary equipment is taken on a campout.

·         Conduct a physical inventory at the beginning and end of your tenure

Keep equipment in good repair.

·         Make sure the Troop equipment is properly stored when returned.

·         Identify all items that need repair and inform the SPL and adult Equipment Coordinator.

Provides a clear storage area.

·         Maintains clean and orderly shed.

·         Maintains clean and orderly trailer.

·         Ensures sharp items and flammable liquids are stored and transported safely.

·         Ensures all perishable food is distributed after campout and not stored in shed.

·         Ensures all dry food, and can food is sealed in a water proof container.

·         Encourage use of stored food before purchasing food for a campout.

Issue equipment and see that it is returned in good condition.

·         Check out patrol and Troop equipment form the Troop inventory.

·         Inspect all equipment to be sure it is in good repair before returning it to the Troop inventory.

·         If Troop equipment is mistreated or damaged makes sure the adult Equipment Coordinator knows.

Keep others informed:

·         Talk to SPL and adult Equipment Coordinator each week to discuss equipment items of importance.

·         Make a list of any needed equipment repairs and give to adult Equipment Coordinator.

·         Suggest new or replacement items.

Scout Leadership Position Application (PDF)