Disciplinary Process

New - Three Step Disciplinary Process (regarding meetings, campouts, or any other Scout event)

  • Step One - Warning If a scout is behaving in a manner unbecoming of a scout, refusing to participate, causing unruliness, or if the scout is engaging in an unsafe activity, he will be given a warning. Upon return from the activity, his parents or guardian will be informed of the ordeal. Other adult leaders will be informed who are present.
  • Step Two - Call Parents or Guardian For the second occurrence, the scout will be required to call his parents from the activity. He will need to explain his actions.
  • Step Three - Pick Up from Activity If a third occurrence arises, the scout will call his parents or guardian to pick him up from the activity. Future participation in activities will be determined by the Scoutmaster with input by Troop Committee. If fees were collected, no refund will be given. Advancement may be delayed due to lack of Scout Spirit.